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Birdman's 308 GTB


These are people I know personally and I can vouch they are the best!

Sarasota Italian Garage If you are in the southeast USA, this is the only place that should be servicing your Ferrari.

Eugenio Ferrari Service in California, definitely the best place on the west coast for your Ferrari needs!

Scuderia Rampante in Colorado run by Dave Helms who is one of the top Ferrari gurus in the USA.


Buying a Lift - An article I wrote on another site about buying a vehicle lift for your home garage. (Best tool you will ever buy!)

My Amazing road trip to the 2007 Montreal F1 race in a Mondial QV with pics. A fun read! (You will need to log in to see the pictures).

My adventure driving a Formula 1 race car in France! (You will need to log in to see the pictures). A YouTube Video from the same trip.


My favorite Ferrari part suppliers are:

Unobtainium Supply
Ricambi America
All Ferrari Parts
Superformance UK

GT Car Parts


Some other great resources (please note that I do not sell this stuff, it is links to other sites). I vouch for this stuff though!

Ferrari Wiring Diagrams (every 308 owner should have these!)

Window accelerators

Specialized parts kits such as ethanol-safe fuel hose kits, CV Joint rebuild kits, etc.

Brand new Digiplex and Microplex ignition modules for 308, 328, Mondial, Testarossa, etc. Made by the smartest guy that I know!



Most of the major upgrades I have done on my 308 have been covered in depth on Ferrarichat.com. Here are direct links to a few plus some that others have undertaken that I think are good reading: (all of these require registration and log in to see the pictures. Registration is free).

•Development of an extended shock eye to use QA1 shocks on the 308 without modification to the A-arms

•Installing an Electromotive distributorless electronic ignition system.

•Experiments with aftermarket 308 QV replica wheels by Superformance UK. (I loved them, but sold them when I found a deal on real magnesium QV wheels).

•Installing stainless steel brake lines.

•The mod all carb 308 owners should make: The Russ airbox mod. (A long read, but worth it.)

Replacing the coolant hoses in a 308 and Mondial

Updated 11/25/22