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Window Accelerators for your Ferrari?

Got slow windows in your Ferrari 308, 328, 348, Mondial, Testarossa, or Dino? These neat electronic gizmos will make a huge difference. How do I know? I have them in my car!

Because of the way the window motors work in many old Ferraris, there is a long electrical path from the fusebox to the switch to the motor, back to the switch and then to ground. There is no "local" ground in the door for the window motor because the polarity of the voltage applied to the motor is swapped depending on whether the window is going up or down.

These clever little boxes are installed in your doors. They are wired into the window motor circuit. They sense which way the motor is going, and use a pair of relays to provide a local ground, removing a huge chunk wiring from the circuit. This provides less electrical resistance, and the motor goes faster.

When I measured the electrical voltage at my (Mondial) window motor without this thing, I got only 7 volts! (That means 5 volts were lost across all the resistance between the fusebox and the motor!) Adding these little boxes brought the voltage at the motor up to 9 volts...a significant increase! It also made my windows go up quite a bit faster.

I do not make or sell these, but provide a link to the people who do, because I think they are cool. That is one cheap and easy improvement!

Originally developed in the UK by Frazer Smith and now marketed by many people, you can get them here:

Frazer Smith in Europe
Rodney Dickman in the USA

PLEASE do not e-mail Birdman308 about ordering these!!! We do not sell them! Buy from the above links!!

Also please note that these do not work on all models of 308. The carb GTB/GTS models that have the window buttons on the door are not compatible with these because the wiring is different. Ironically those are the models that seem to need them the most.