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There are only two kinds of Ferrari OEM 308 fuseboxes: those that have left you stranded and those that will. One of the best things you can do to make the 308 electrical system more reliable is to upgrade the OEM fusebox to my aftermarket one.

If you own a 308, you probably already know! The stock fusebox uses rivets to "clamp" the connectors on, and the "bus bars" across the back. With time, the rivets get corroded, which raises their resistance. Higher resistance drops the voltage to your car's electrical circuits, and it also generates heat at the fusebox. Eventually the heat starts to melt the fusebox, and things start getting very intermittant.

The other problem with the stock fusebox is the design of the fuse holders. The European-style OEM fuses have conical ends that are held by clips with a hole in them, resulting in a very small contact area for the fuse. This means that it doesn't take much oxidation on the fuse or fuse holder to make a flaky connection. Furthermore, the type of fuse used in these fuseboxes is hard to find in the USA.

Many owners report all kinds of electrical issues with 308s and nearly all of them go away with a replacement pair of fuse blocks. You can install the fuseblocks yourself in well under an hour. You label all the old wires, pull them off the old fuse blocks (there are two) and then unscrew them. You screw in the new ones (with the provided shorter screws) and snap all the connectors on. Then you insert new AGC fuses and you are good to go. Seriously--don't be intimidated. You can do it.

This fusebox upgrade is a complete aftermarket solution made to take modern (standard and easily obtainable) glass AGC-type automotive fuses. It grips them solidly and you have no more flaky connections. The fuseholders themselves are battle-proven ultra-reliable Made in the USA Buss fuseholders. There are no rivets making the electrical connections. It's all soldered with heavy 12 guage solid copper wire! Just to make them look as nice as your car, the aluminum mounting plate is CNC machined and anodized black.

The 512BB and 512BBi "Boxer" use the same OEM fuseblocks as the 308 with the addition of a small 2-fuse block that the 308 doesn't have. My kit for the 512 includes the small fuseblock in addition to the pair of larger ones. The price is a little higher for the Boxer fuseblocks because of this. Please specify 512BB or 512BBi when ordering because they have a different bus bar configuration.

Unfortunately, these blocks DO NOT work on the Mondial, 328 or 246 Dino. They used entirely different fuseboxes that are incompatible with these. If you have a Mondial, you can get your fusebox rebuilt by GT Car Parts. They also have one for the Testarossa now.

You can order through Paypal below. Or you can go back to the previous page for my contact info. Send me an e-mail and I'll e-mail you my mailing address so you can mail a check. If you do not hear from me for a few days, it's because I travel a lot for business, but rest assured that I will return your e-mail as soon as I can. I will need to know your year and model 308 because these must be assembled to order. The different models of 308s had slightly different wiring so they are semi-custom built when you order them.

When you order, I need to know which year and model 308/512 you have. The bus bar arrangement is different for different models. You can pay me with a check or Paypal. I offer a MONEY BACK guarantee. If you are not happy with your fuseblocks, you can return them for a full refund within 30 days. There are several hundred 308s (including my own) using these fuseblocks now, in more than 10 countries and not a single return yet.

What comes with your order (308 GTB/GTS):
(2) fuseblocks, marked left and right**
(4) mounting screws
(15) splitter terminals.

What comes with your order (308 GT4):
(2) fuseblocks, marked left and right**
(4) mounting screws
(15) splitter terminals.
(4) spacers
(4) spacer-length mounting screws.

The GT4 set comes with spacers and a second set of slightly longer screws if you want to use the spacers to run the wires behind the blocks as was done with the stock GT4 fuseblocks. The GT4 installation takes a bit longer. It's a tighter space to work in.

What comes with your order (512 BB/BBi):
(2) large fuseblocks, marked left and right**
(1) small fuseblock
(5) mounting screws
(15) splitter terminals.

This is a complete fusebox solution. You only supply AGC fuses.

** Please note that I do not label left and right for RHD (Right Hand Drive) cars because of inconsistencies in my information about layout. You will need to visually inspect the OEM fuseblocks when you remove them and simply match up the correct replacement for left and right. No biggie.


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This is an example of a melted OEM 308 fusebox from the back. You can see the "bus bar" that connects the three terminals to distribute power. The rivets provide the electrical connection from the bus bar in back to the terminal tabs in front. The rivets eventually get corroded, and their electrical resistance rises because they do not make a good connection to the bus bar. Then they get hot, and the fuseblock plastic melts. Then the rivet isn't tight, and it only goes downhill from there! The previous owner has soldered a wire through this one to try to fix it.

Here is what a pair of my fuse blocks look like when you get them from me. You will also get shorter mounting screws, and splitters for the terminals that have two wires connected instead of one. You must use shorter mounting screws. These fuse blocks are thinner than the existing ones and if you use the original screws, they are too long, and might pinch a wire behind the mounting surface. Ask me how I learned that one! :-)

All you add is AGC type fuses which are standard "glass" fuses available at Napa, Autozone, Radio Shack, even Wal-mart. They are very common.

This is a pair of the replacement fuseblocks installed in my 308. From a distance they look exactly like stock except that the stock fuse covers don't clip on. (<--Please read that part again so I don't get an e-mail complaining about it later! They are not neccessary with a glass fuse!) They fit in the exact same place as the stock units. They screw into the exact same holes as the stock units. They require ZERO modification to your car. If you had a need to be perfectly stock for some reason, such as selling the car, you could re-install the (crappy) original fuseboxes in less than an hour. In the meantime, you can enjoy the modification that allows your car to run better! But no concourse judge I have ever met is going to ask you to remove the panel to check out your fuseblocks. You won't likely lose any points at a show with these.


If you would like to buy this fusebox, drop me a line.


Please note: Due to a very busy travel schedule for the next month, I am currently not taking orders. I will resume in June 2024. Sorry for the inconvenience.


If you have issues with the paypal shopping cart, drop me an e-mail and I will send you a Paypal "invoice" link that will work.

International customers please note, I CANNOT legally ship these as "gifts" to get around import duties. Sorry! Please also note that sometimes customs will hold these up for a week or more. Most shipping to Australia and the UK take 7-10 days, but I have had orders take as long as 4 weeks due to customs.


"Doing this install cured almost every electric "issue" my '78 308 had. Best money I've spend on the car to date..." -Bill, Maryland, 1978 GTB

"I bought Birdman's fuseblocks for my '74 308 GT4 last November--best purchase I ever made for my car. He is a very easy person to deal with--highly recommend him and his product." - Joseph, California, 1974 GT4

"I just completed install of Birdman's Ferrari Parts fuseblock kit on my '85 QV. Let's just say THATS the best 100 bucks I have ever spent!!! Everything works better, windows, dash lights, turn signals, HORNS! Took about 1 hr to do, and I really took my time about it. HIGHLY recommend this kit. Birdman, nice product." -Louis, California, 1985 GTSi QV

"These replacement fuseblocks are rare in the world of Ferrari: easy to install, perfectly functional and inexpensive. It really works well and if you want to go back to original, no problem. I have had no issues with the fuses for almost two years now. " - John, Maine, 1984 GTSi QV

"Bottom line: fuses don't blow, fuse panels don't melt, interior lights are brighter, switches work better...it's just a great all around improvement." -Jim, Maryland, 1985 GTSi QV

"Very easy and looks great, thanks Birdman!" -Andrew, Georgia, 1982 GTSi

"Do NOT buy Birdman's fuseblocks....unless you want your electrical system to function 150% better! All I can say is WOW!! My dash lights are brighter, the windows go up and down faster and even my fans are spinning faster!" Aaron, California, 1979 GT4

"You are producing an excellent product that has improved my 308 in all aspects." Peter, Toronto, 1978 GTS

"I want to thank you for the great fuseboxes that I ordered a couple of months ago. I wasn't having any problems with the old fuse boxes until a week prior to receiving yours. The contact for the fuel pump was melted and oxidizing and the car wouldn't start. Fortunately it did not leave me stranded and the new fuse boxes have given me peace of mind." Ed, Florida, 1985 QV

"I just ordered your fuseblocks. Can you tell me when I could expect to receive them? I need them baaaaaaaaad. Eugenio's Ferrari Service here in SoCal told me he installed a set in a 308 and it was like pure magic. Everything started working, even the windows...." Jeff, CA, '81 GTSi

Now that jeff has them...

"Well I installed Birdman's Fuse Blocks today. Straight foreword installation. I received everything required to install. I have noticed a few differences now that the electrical is working right. The windows go up and down much faster now. 3 seconds to go down and 4 to go up. This is compared to 4 seconds down and 7 seconds to go up before the new fuse blocks. Even the headlights appear to be brighter. I noticed that the cigar lighter heats up faster. Also, not as much static on FM station either. It is hard to believe that such a difference can be made in just changing the fuse blocks. If you have not changed over, I highly recommend using his fuse blocks. It really is amazing." Jeff, CA, 308 GTSi

As many of you know, Eugenio's Ferrari Service is renown for being one of the best Ferrari independent shops in the USA. Here is what Eugenio himself says: "Ciao Jonathan, I've been promoting your fuse blocks for a couple years now.......You have good products and I wouldn't hesitate to buy from you. I will send more people your way :) Ciao ! -Eugenio" <--From the man himself! (Eugenio has now installed half a dozen sets of these into customers cars).

"Did my 'Birdman' install last summer. They are the best and easiest upgrade that you can make to a 308. If you haven't done it, you are on borrowed time. Just get a set and take a few minutes to do the upgrade. They really make all the electrics in the car work better and more dependably, plus no chance of meltdown like with the stock blocks. No affiliation, just a very satisfied customer." -Steve, NJ '78 GTS

"I installed my Birdman fuse blocks last October and they fixed all my electrical problems. I was so frustrated with my car I almost sold it and then I bought the Birdman's fuse blocks and all is well again. I guess I'll keep it. Thanks again Birdman." -Gary, '85 QV, Michigan

"Jonathan, Mission accomplished! They work great and increased my window speed 2X. All lights seem brighter and the radio seems to work better too for some reason. Great product and super easy to install (due in part to very clear instructions). Thanks again for your help." -Bill, 308 QV, Indiana

"A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of driving through the Colorado foothills with a great group of car guys and gals. On the way to Golden I lost power and had to be pushed onto the shoulder. It didn't take long to figure out that I had the dreaded Fuse Block Syndrome that seems to haunt the 308s. I could kick myself because I was aware of the possibility of failure and I ignored it for too long. Anyway, I cut the drive short, went home, and ordered Birdman's fuse blocks. Simple and quick installation and now everything works better, even the windows! The best part is the renewed confidence in the car. Can't wait for the next run. If you have not done this yet, do it now. Thanks Birdman!" - Mike, GTSi 308, Colorado


Greetings from Australia, I thought you might like a little feedback from Down Under.

I purchased a pair of your fuse blocks a few weeks back whilst my Brother and I were restoring the carburettors and engine bay on my 79 308 GTS. This particular car had been sitting idle for not quite ten years and everything in the engine bay that was made from rubber was perished or cracked in some way. ( even the tyres were cracked) The car, although in a sad state, was straight with oxidised but still good ish paint , good but very dirty interior however the engine and mechanicals appeared to be sound. We knew it was worth restoring so we purchased the car and set about gathering intel for the project.

Having restored a few cars in the past we had a hunch that dilapidated electrics were going to make it difficult to get a good tune. Well we were right, no matter what we did to jets or idle mixtures it was always very fluffy and weak at idle with an awful stutter when Pushing through from idle circuit to mains. IE – trying to tune against a very weak spark. I said to myself, I bet we have very low voltage in the system as a result of the much talked about “corroded fuse blocks” ?

Well, we stopped right there, grabbed a amp meter and checked the voltage drop across the supply / discharge. Inlet power we had 12.7 volts and outlet we had 7.9 to 9.2 volts across the various 18 terminals and there was visible signs of distress at some of the connections. (melting) With suspicions confirmed we set about installing the new Birdman Fuse Blocks before doing anything else. Two hour later I had completed the installation of your fuse blocks and I am very happy to report the following-

“ What a difference”.

The improvement in the integrity of the electrical system is absolutely wonderful, especially the ignition! She is now tuned and now starts first tap on the starter, idles strong and pulls cleanly all the way through to redline. The engine now revs with an eager willingness, just as a Ferrari should. The fuel pump spins faster, the windows go up and down faster, the lights are brighter and even the blinkers are stronger. And, last but not least, as a result of the re-established electrical integrity –
We have electrical safety, Yay ! No more risk of electrical fires originating at the fuse box and burning my Ferrari to the ground.

Well done Birdman, your fuse blocks are a Gift to the 308 cars and the Men and Women who own and repair them.
-Ross, '79 GTS, Queensland, Australia

Well, the panel is installed and works like a hot damn! All electrical functions including windows, lights, AC have benefitted from the swap. On another note. This is my first 308, it's an 84' GTSi that has 44,000 miles and has been maintained its entire life. Gotta say that having owned a 95' 355 manual and a 92 512TR Euro spec prior to this 308, I flat out prefer the 308. It's not as fast as the others but the simple, telepathic feel and tightness of the chassis is unreal. Especially for a 30 year old design. It has mare than enough real world power, but is so balanced. I am almost embarrassed of the fact that I had dismissed the 308 as not a " Real" Ferrari prior to owning this example. In fact, I have a 2003 Porsche 911 Turbo x50 package. The 308 is far more engaging and fun to drive. Even at 30 miles an hour I have a huge smile on my face. Every aspect of the 308 drive us fun, in the Turbo things get fun only when you put your foot into it. The 308..... Best kept secret. It's a keeper! -Francesco, Alberta, Canada.

Please note: these are the experiences of actual customers. I do not guarantee that your lights will be brighter or your windows will go up faster. Sometimes this is the case, but the 308 windows, for example, have their own additional set of issues not related to the fusebox. Birdman fuseblocks are designed to provide current to the circuits in your car without dropping voltage at the block. In many cases, high-draw circuits get more voltage because of this, and work a lot better. What I guarantee is that Birdman fuseblocks do not develop resistance, get hot, melt, or leave you stranded like the lousy OEM fuseblocks!

These fuseblocks are all over the world, making 308s run better! In addition to the USA and Canada, they have been shipped to Australia, England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, The Netherlands, Mexico, Thailand, Finland, Spain, New Zealand, Denmark, Norway, Japan, Singapore, France, Sweden, South Africa and more! Cool fact: ~10% of the 308s in the world now have Birdman Fuseblocks! "Birdman Fuseblocks: Keeping classic Ferraris running for 8 years and counting!" :-)

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