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308 GT4/GTB/GTS Brake Pad Replacement
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by Dom Vitarella

1. Lift the car and remove wheels.

2. On top of the front caliper are 2 pins that need to be pushed out with a punch. The 2 pins hold a pad retaining spring in place. Once the pins are removed, the retaining spring comes right off.

3. The front pads are then pulled out, the piston is pushed back, and new pads are inserted. Above is a photo of pushing in the front piston. Be gentle.
Once the new pads are in, the retaining spring and Pins are reinserted.

4. On to the rears. The rears are a little more difficult. First step is to back off the parking brake adjustment at the rear calipers until the cable is loose. To retract the calipers, you must turn caliper adjustment screws on the outboard and inboard caliper. Before turning the caliper adjustment screws, the caps off of each screw must be removed. On the outboard caliper, the cap requires a 13mm wrench. On the inboard caliper, we used a 4mm hex wrench. Once the caps are removed, we used a 4 mm hex wrench to turn the caliper adjustment screws on both inboard and outboard calipers. Don't ask me which way to turn the screws, because I don't remember, and for at least one side it was ass-backwards, I thought. The picture above shows turning the allen screw on the inboard side. Ignore the feeler guage on the left, we get to that in the next step.

5. The pins on the caliper are held in by a cotter pin. Remove the cotter pin, then remove the caliper pins. Picture above shows it all.

6. Once the pistons are pushed out, new pads are inserted. Then the pads are adjusted to 0.004 inches (0.1 mm) to set the parking brake. The photo above (at step 4) shows me turning the inboard caliper adjusting screw while Lou measures the gap with a feeler gauge. (Yes, the same picture is illustrating two steps).

The parking brake should be adjusted so that the handle pulls up and grabs before it reaches the end of its range. You may have to adjust it a couple times until it is right. A small amount of adjustment in the allen screws makes a BIG difference.